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Sophia Sewell

Joining the Space Coast Fury Girls travel basketball organization was one of the best decisions I have ever made. The dedication and patience of the Directors and coaching staff shows great character. They don't just play to win games, they also want the young ladies to learn the game of basketball and understand the fundamentals of the game. This is an organization that is very passionate about teaching our youth today and giving back to the community. It is one thing to tell the kids they need to be involved but they get them involved and make the girls feel good about doing it. My daughter Antoinette’s confidence soared through the roof after joining The Space Coast Fury family. I will admit when Antoinette first joined she was rough around the edges. She was very unsure of herself when it came down to the game of basketball. I remember when Coach Jay first saw Antoinette before the season even started- he said she was very coachable. People may not understand how important that is, but it is when you are told other things from other coaches. These coaches have vision, these coaches look to make all the players on the team great players, not just the starting five players. You develop your team to be successful all around and everyone succeeds. So our journey begins with Space Coast Fury, there was no turning back. After Antoinette's first practice I thought the coaches were going to tell us Bye-Bye , but instead they said “We will see you guys at the next practice.” We had such a puzzled look on our faces. Antoinette asked me,” Mama, are they really going to coach me? I said it sure does look like it!, This made her smile. The time that these coaches took with my daughter and continues to still take additional one on one time to show her the game of basketball along with the fundamentals of the game, has made a lasting impression on us. Confidence is everything to kids these days and right now hers is booming! The patience that the coaches showed her was awesome! Even when she messed up or even took a little longer to learn the plays the coaches were there every step of the way. They would stop the plays and break it down until she mastered it and continually gave her words of encouragement. I have to say- we are very happy to be a part of the Space Coast Fury family. We will be with this team and continue to watch the success of their growth. Compassion, growing skills, and the true feeling of family is what you get with this team even when you thought you were just signing up your daughter to play travel basketball. Forever Fury Family, Sophia Sewell

Ramon Rodriguez and Brenda Cancel

As a new parent of Space Coast FURY I am very pleased with the way the league is handled and how organized it is. My daughter, having played basketball for the last 6 years (3rd-8th grade) is ready for another level of playing and she is getting it at FURY. The Coaches have shown a true commitment to the girls and to teaching them how to play the game correctly and with the right attitude towards sportsmanship. You can see that the league really cares about the girls and has great values. Ramon Rodriguez and Brenda Cancel

Leslie Walters

My high school daughter is one of the charter members of this awesome organization. She had played travel ball for another organization for two or three years but I was never satisfied with that team. Their coaches would shout things like, " stop throwing a ball like a girl". Well I have been a Physical education teacher for 33 years and comments like that would make my skin crawl. The Space Coast Fury coaches and team moms treat the girls with respect and dignity not only on the court but in every day life situations. Presently, girls basketball season is underway at all the high schools so this team only practices on Sundays but I can see how those once a week practices have helped improve my daughters skill level already. The girls don't treat each other like teammates they are more like family members. My daughter is an only child and The Fury helps give her the feeling of family. The older girls take the younger ones under their wings and the younger ones have a special bond with an older mentor. The girls don't just play ball together, they go to the movies, they have car washes, they help the Brevard County School Board pack up backpacks in the summer for underprivileged children and hold food drives. If you're looking for a positive environment to help improve your daughters skill level in the sport of basketball, this is it, second to none.